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Argumentum Ad Lazarum

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Argumentum Ad Lazarum

Argumentum ad Lazarum is an informal logical fallacy that occurs when a person uses the suffering of someone who is disadvantaged, as evidence that their position is correct. This type of fallacy is an example of an appeal to emotion and is used to manipulate an audience by attempting to evoke sympathy or pity. It generally disregards any logical or factual evidence that might be presented, and relies instead on the emotional response of the audience. This type of fallacy is commonly seen in debates, political speeches, and advertising campaigns.

Argumentum ad Lazarum, Cognitive Bias, Logical Fallacy, Manipulation, Emotional Appeal.

Jessica Adams

CITATION : "Jessica Adams. 'Argumentum Ad Lazarum.' Design+Encyclopedia. (Accessed on March 23, 2023)"

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