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Appeal To Pity

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Appeal To Pity

Appeal To Pity is a type of cognitive bias and logical fallacy. It happens when people try to persuade someone to do something by making them feel sorry for them. They might talk about their hard life and try to get people to feel sorry for them so they will do what they want. It's like trying to get people to do something out of pity instead of logic or facts.

Appeal To Pity, Emotional Manipulation, Sympathy Bias.

Thomas Lee

Appeal To Pity

Appeal To Pity is a cognitive bias and logical fallacy that occurs when someone attempts to influence an outcome by eliciting sympathy from their audience. This bias occurs when a speaker or writer attempts to convince their audience to accept an argument or position by focusing on the hardships of the speaker or writer, rather than providing evidence for the argument. This fallacy is often used in debates, court cases, and other arguments, and it is considered a form of emotive language. The speaker or writer often presents themselves as the victim of a situation and attempts to convince the audience to accept their argument through their own hardships.

Emotive Language, Sympathy, Manipulation.

Jessica Adams

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