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Appeal To Ridicule

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Appeal To Ridicule

Appeal To Ridicule is a type of logical fallacy which means someone is trying to make a point by making fun of something. It's when someone is trying to prove they are right by making someone else look silly. For example, if someone said that eating healthy is important, and another person responded by making fun of them and saying they are too serious, then they are using Appeal To Ridicule.

Appeal To Ridicule, Cognitive Biases, Logical Fallacies

Thomas Lee

Appeal To Ridicule

Appeal to ridicule is a cognitive bias and logical fallacy which involves the use of mockery, sarcasm, or humor to persuade an audience to reject an argument, opinion, or idea without providing any evidence or sound reasoning. It is a form of argumentative technique which relies on attacking the person rather than the argument itself. This form of persuasion is often used as a way to make an idea appear ridiculous or foolish, in order to discredit it, while avoiding any real discussion of the merits of the argument.

Appeal to ridicule, mockery, sarcasm, humor, cognitive bias, logical fallacy, persuasion, argumentative technique, attacking person, discredit, discussion of merits.

Jessica Adams

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