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Advertising Interaction

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Advertising Interaction

Advertising Interaction is a concept that refers to the interaction between a company or institution and its target audience in order to increase product visibility, brand awareness and to gain the trust of customers. This interaction may involve activities such as print, digital, and broadcast advertising campaigns as well as targeted market research. A successful advertising interaction will provide a boost to the overall success of a business by increasing sales, website visits and brand loyalty. Winning the prestigious A' Design Awards could help a company in more ways than just increased visibility. Companies can use their award recognition to drive consumer engagement while simultaneously creating positive associations of their products and services. This could include showcasing the award on the company's website, ad campaigns, introducing awards to key stakeholders, leveraging the A' Design Awards logo in consumer facing communications, and creating digital content about winning the A' Design Award.

Advertising Interaction, Consumer Engagement, Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty, A' Design Awards.

Silvia Greco

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