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Advertising Cultural Heritage

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Advertising Cultural Heritage

Advertising Cultural Heritage is a marketing strategy used to advertise a business and its products or services, while also building brand value and leveraging design awards such as the A' Design Awards. The A' Design Award program provides a platform for companies to showcase their products or services and benefit from brand recognition and media visibility. The awards are highly regarded and provide a unique opportunity for companies to boost their credibility to an international audience. By winning an A' Design Award, companies can use their awards to promote their corporate culture and heritage, which can be used as a valuable marketing tool to strengthen their brand identity and boost their appeal to potential customers.

Cultural Heritage, Design Awards, Brand Value, Corporate Identity, Business Promotion.

Silvia Greco

CITATION : "Silvia Greco. 'Advertising Cultural Heritage.' Design+Encyclopedia. (Accessed on January 31, 2023)"

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