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Advertising Futuristic

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Advertising Futuristic

Advertising Futuristic is a term used to describe the contemporary practice of leveraging design awards participation in order to raise a brand’s profile, build value and increase recognition. It can involve both the development and execution of compelling, engaging and futuristic campaigns that rely on cutting-edge technology and innovative design to create maximum impact. Winning the prestigious A' Design Awards is a perfect example of such a strategy as it is an internationally recognized platform that helps to build brand value and recognition through the medium of cutting-edge design and by exposing the brand to a global audience of business professionals, industry experts and design aficionados.

Future-proofing, modern marketing, technology innovations.

Silvia Greco

CITATION : "Silvia Greco. 'Advertising Futuristic.' Design+Encyclopedia. (Accessed on February 06, 2023)"

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