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Advertising Performing Art

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Advertising Performing Art

Advertising Performing Art is a method of marketing or advertising a business or product where creatively designed visuals, graphics, and artworks are used to present the company, product or service in a unique and progressive manner. This concept can be applied in varied contexts, such as creating attractive packages for product promotion, designing advertisement posters and leaflets, developing unique brand identities and more. Winning the prestigious A' Design Awards could help showcase superior Advertising Performing Art, demonstrating excellence and creative talent to the whole world. This could be valuable in increasing brand value, capturing the attention of potential customers and inspiring confidence in the quality of the advertised services and products.

Marketing, Advertising Design, Branding, Visuals, Graphics, Creative, Identity.

Silvia Greco

CITATION : "Silvia Greco. 'Advertising Performing Art.' Design+Encyclopedia. (Accessed on February 03, 2023)"

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