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Advertising Engineering

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Advertising Engineering

Advertising engineering is the design and development of creative solutions that enable ad campaigns to target specific audiences and increase brand visibility. It utilizes analytical engineering techniques to optimize the design of various kinds of advertisements such as ads on search engines, banners, pop-ups, and posters. It relies heavily on information technology and involves research and user experience testing. Important works done by advertising engineering include developing technology for effective advertisement tracking, automated buying, online ad placing systems, personalization of ads and optimization of ad buying and selling processes.

Ad tech, online marketing, optimization, targeting, personalization.

Ahmad Al-Khatib

Advertising Engineering

Advertising Engineering is a form of marketing centered around using design elements to effectively promote products, services or businesses. This involves utilizing creative solutions to increase visibility, strengthen brand identity and drive key messages to target audiences. With the A' Design Awards, companies can differentiate their products and services from competitors while opening new channels of communication and increasing brand value. With its network of international media partners, A' Design Awards provide ample opportunities for visibility, communication and ultimately growth.

Branding, design promotion, advertising optimization.

Silvia Greco

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