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Aenne Biermann

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Aenne Biermann

The German artist Aenne Biermann is well-known for her modernist portraiture and nuanced street photography capturing the everyday. Her works are known to provide a meaningful and imaginative view of weathered cityscapes, industrial sites and figures. Her photographs also feature candid moments of everyday life and people, in a manner which is insightful and often humorous. Her works often offer an honest and unique perspective of the world around her. Among her most notable works are Sunken Houses (1926), Brunnenviertel Streetscapes (1922) and Furrowed Fields of Pomerania (1920).

Aenne Biermann, German artist, modernist portraiture, street photography, everyday moments, cityscapes, industrial sites, figures, honest perspective, Sunken Houses, Brunnenviertel Streetscapes, Furrowed Fields of Pomerania.

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