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Alice Boughton

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Alice Boughton

Alice Boughton was a visionary in the field of photography, pushing the boundaries of the art form and creating timeless works of art. Her images were admired for their subtlety and grace, often featuring a unique blend of light and shadow. She was renowned for her portraits of prominent figures in American society, such as Robert Louis Stevenson, John B. Tabb, and Theodore Roosevelt. However, her work was not limited to these famous faces, and she was also celebrated for her photographs of everyday life. Her works were praised for their ability to capture the beauty of the mundane and the intimate moments of life in a way that few other photographers could. As a pioneering female photographer, Alice Boughton was a major influence on the art of photography and she continues to inspire designers, artists and creatives today.

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Alice Boughton

Alice Boughton was a pioneering figure in the photography world, at a time when it was still a largely male-dominated field. She was a master at capturing moments, bringing out the beauty and subtlety of everyday life. Her work was highly acclaimed for its artistry, often featuring a unique blend of light and shadow. Her iconic portraits of Robert Louis Stevenson, John B. Tabb, and Theodore Roosevelt are some of the most famous portraits of their time. As one of the first female photographers to achieve such success, Alice Boughton was a trailblazer in the art of photography. She inspired generations of aspiring photographers and her legacy continues to be celebrated today.

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Alice Boughton

Alice Boughton was an American artist known for her photographs of prominent figures in American society. Her works are considered works of art, now treasured for their sensitive depictions of human life. Alice Boughton captures the beauty of micro-moments in a way few other photographers can, often using a unique combination of light and shadow to create her signature style. Three of her best-known pieces are the 1908 portrait of Robert Louis Stevenson, the 1911 portrait of the poet John B. Tabb, and the 1916 portrait of President Theodore Roosevelt.

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