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Albert Fitch Bellows

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Albert Fitch Bellows

Albert Fitch Bellows is a celebrated American Artist renowned for his landscapes, depictions of the Hudson River, and figurative compositions. His paintings are characterized by their evocative scenes and soft, muted colors. Bellows' works are highly regarded by collectors and art historians alike and his works often fetch high prices at auction. His painting, 'Windswept Valley', is renowned as one of his masterpieces and is celebrated as a remarkable example of his illustrious career. Other notable works by Bellows are 'Fog in the Harbor', 'The Seine Near Rouen', and 'The Hudson River from the Palisades'.

Albert Fitch Bellows, American Artist, landscape, Hudson River, figurative, Hudson River from Palisades, Windswept Valley, Fog in the Harbor, The Seine Near Rouen

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