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Alfred Krüger

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Alfred Krüger

Alfred Krüger is a renowned German artist, famed for his vibrant and contemporary artworks. He has produced a diverse range of paintings, collages and illustrations over the course of his career, all of which illustrate his fascination with the power of the human form and the challenges of urban life. His artwork is often bold, colourful and full of life, and speaks to the viewer on a powerful and emotive level. His use of strong lines and bright colours has become a part of his signature style and make his works instantly recognizable. Notable works by Alfred Krüger include the The Lovers, a portrayal of a young couple from his beloved Berlin; the Faces of Spring, a set of bright and beautiful watercolour illustrations; and the Painter in Motion, a sequence of figures in mid-movement.

Alfred Krüger, German Artist, Contemporary Art, Paintings, Collage, Illustration, Berlin, Watercolour.

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