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Alfred Maurer

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Alfred Maurer

Alfred Maurer was a pioneering American modernist painter who sought to bring European avant-garde practices to the United States. His works range from representational scenes to more abstracted compositions, and are marked by their bold color palette and energetic brushwork. Maurer’s compositions often juxtapose shapes and planes of color to create dynamic tension and movement, and he has been credited for introducing the American public to the European avant-garde art movements of the time. He was highly influential in the development of American modernism, and his works remain a vital reference for artists and designers today.

Alfred Maurer, American modernism, modern art, abstract painting, avant-garde, European modernism

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Alfred Maurer

Alfred Maurer has achieved international recognition for his colorful works that gesture toward European modernist painting. He is renowned for being a prominent American artist at the forefront of modernism in the early 20th century, with a keen eye for the abstract. His works exude a vivid energy and represent a vital influence in the development of American modernism. Alfred Maurer's vibrant paintings stand amongst some of his most notable accomplishments, as his works are part of major collections such as the Harvard Art Museums and the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Some of his most acclaimed works include the 1902 painting, Landscape, the 1903 painting Sailboats, and the 1913 work, The Yellow Tunic.

Alfred Maurer, American artist, modernism, abstract, 20th century, landscape, sailboats, yellow tunic.

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