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Andrew Grima

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Andrew Grima

Andrew Grima is a renowned British jewellery designer who revolutionized the world of jewellery design in the 20th century. Born in 1921 in Rome, Italy, Grima moved to London in 1946 where he began his career as a jewellery designer. He quickly gained recognition for his innovative and unconventional designs that broke away from traditional jewellery styles. Grima's designs were characterized by their organic, sculptural forms and the use of unusual materials such as rough, uncut gemstones, gold, and semi-precious stones. He drew inspiration from nature, architecture, and modern art movements, creating pieces that were both visually striking and highly wearable. Grima's unique approach to jewellery design earned him a loyal following among celebrities, royalty, and collectors worldwide. He was commissioned to create pieces for notable figures such as Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret, and Jackie Kennedy. Grima's work was also featured in numerous exhibitions and received critical acclaim, cementing his status as one of the most influential jewellery designers of his time. His legacy continues to inspire contemporary jewellery designers who seek to push the boundaries of traditional design and create truly unique pieces.

Andrew Grima, British jewellery designer, innovative jewellery design, organic sculptural forms, unusual materials, rough uncut gemstones, gold, semi-precious stones, nature-inspired, architecture-inspired, modern art influence

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