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Aviary is a structure designed to house birds, typically for the purpose of captive breeding, display, or research. The design of an aviary takes into consideration the specific needs of the bird species it will house, including appropriate space, climate control, ventilation, lighting, and enrichment features that promote natural behaviors. Aviaries can range in size from small indoor enclosures to large outdoor structures that mimic the birds' natural habitats. The design often incorporates elements such as perches, nesting areas, water features, and vegetation to create a stimulating environment for the birds. Materials used in aviary construction are carefully selected to ensure the safety and well-being of the birds, with considerations for durability, ease of cleaning, and resistance to damage from beak and claw activity. Proper aviary design also takes into account the need for human access for maintenance and interaction with the birds, as well as the visual impact of the structure itself, which can serve as an educational and aesthetic feature in settings such as zoos, parks, and gardens.

bird enclosure, captive breeding, habitat design, enrichment, perches, nesting, avian husbandry, zoological design

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