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Annulet is an architectural term referring to a small, flat ring or band that encircles a column, typically located directly below the capital or at the neck of the column shaft. This decorative element, which originated in ancient Greek and Roman architecture, serves to visually divide the capital from the shaft, creating a sense of transition and adding a subtle ornamental detail to the column's design. The annulet is usually one of several moldings that make up the capital, and its size, shape, and placement can vary depending on the specific architectural order and style. In the classical orders, the annulet is most commonly associated with the Doric order, where it appears as a single or multiple bands beneath the echinus of the capital. The use of annulets extends beyond the classical period, with variations appearing in later architectural styles such as Renaissance and Neoclassical, where they may be incorporated into more elaborate capital designs or used as decorative elements on other architectural features such as pilasters, cornices, and friezes. The presence of annulets in architectural design contributes to the overall visual rhythm, proportion, and hierarchy of the structure, demonstrating the attention to detail and the importance of ornament in classical and classically-inspired architecture.

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