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Amphora is a type of ancient ceramic container characterized by its distinctive shape, typically featuring a narrow neck, a wide body, and two handles extending from the neck to the shoulder. Originating in ancient Greece, amphorae were widely used throughout the Mediterranean region for the storage and transportation of various liquids, such as wine, oil, and fish sauce. These vessels were often large, with a pointed base that allowed them to be easily stored by embedding them in the ground or in specially designed racks. The design of amphorae evolved over time, with different regions developing their own unique styles and decorative elements. For example, the ancient Greeks often adorned their amphorae with intricate black-figure or red-figure paintings depicting mythological scenes or daily life. The study of amphorae has provided valuable insights into ancient trade routes, economies, and cultural practices. The presence of amphorae in archaeological sites across the Mediterranean has helped researchers trace the movement of goods and the interactions between different civilizations. Moreover, the inscriptions and stamps found on some amphorae have shed light on the production and distribution systems of the ancient world. Beyond their practical use, amphorae have also served as a medium for artistic expression and have become iconic symbols of ancient Greek and Roman culture.

ancient ceramics, storage containers, transportation vessels, wine amphorae, oil amphorae, fish sauce amphorae, black-figure pottery, red-figure pottery, Mediterranean trade

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