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Animatic is a preliminary version of a motion picture, typically used in the planning and pre-production stages of animation or film projects. It is essentially a series of still images, usually sketches or storyboards, that are edited together in sequence and synchronized with rough dialogue, sound effects, or a temporary soundtrack. The purpose of an animatic is to visualize the timing, pacing, and overall flow of a story or sequence before committing to the time-consuming and expensive process of full animation or live-action filming. It allows directors, animators, and clients to get a sense of how the final product will look and feel, and to make necessary adjustments to the story, timing, or visual elements. Animatics are often used for presentations, pitches, or as a reference for the animation team during production. They have become an essential tool in the animation industry, helping to streamline the creative process, communicate ideas effectively, and save time and resources in the long run.

animation, pre-production, storyboard, visualization, timing, pacing, rough cut, motion picture

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