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Accented, in the context of design, refers to the strategic use of visual or auditory elements that stand out from the surrounding elements to create emphasis, contrast, or a focal point. This technique is employed across various design disciplines, including graphic design, interior design, and user interface design. Accented elements can be achieved through the use of color, typography, shape, size, texture, or sound, depending on the medium. For example, in graphic design, a bold, vibrant color may be used to accent a specific word or phrase in a text-heavy composition, drawing the viewer's attention to the highlighted information. Similarly, in interior design, an accented wall featuring a contrasting color, pattern, or material can serve as a focal point within a room, adding visual interest and depth to the space. In user interface design, accented elements such as buttons or icons can guide users through the interface, indicating interactive elements and facilitating intuitive navigation. The strategic application of accents in design can evoke emotions, convey hierarchy, and guide the viewer's or user's attention, ultimately enhancing the overall effectiveness and impact of the design.

emphasis, contrast, focal point, visual hierarchy, user interface, navigation

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