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Appropriated is a term in art and design that refers to the act of adopting, borrowing, or repurposing pre-existing elements, such as images, symbols, or cultural artifacts, and incorporating them into a new work. This practice is often associated with postmodern art and design, where artists and designers intentionally use appropriated elements to challenge traditional notions of originality, authorship, and the boundaries between high art and popular culture. Appropriation can take many forms, from the direct copying and recontextualization of images to the sampling and remixing of music or video. In design, appropriation might involve using familiar visual elements, such as logos or typography, in new and unexpected ways. The use of appropriation raises questions about copyright, intellectual property, and the ethics of borrowing from other cultures. However, proponents argue that appropriation can be a powerful tool for critique, commentary, and the creation of new meanings. Appropriation has been a significant influence on various art and design movements, including Pop Art, Dadaism, and Conceptual Art.

appropriation, remix, recontextualization, postmodernism

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