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Authority is a concept that refers to the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience. In the context of design, authority can be understood as the recognized expertise, influence, or credibility that an individual, institution, or design principle holds within the field. This authority may be derived from various sources, such as extensive experience, proven success, scholarly research, or widespread recognition by peers and the public. In the realm of design, authority can manifest in different forms. It could be the authority of a renowned designer whose work has significantly impacted the field, setting new standards and inspiring generations of designers. It could also be the authority of a design institution or organization that sets guidelines, standards, or best practices for the industry. Additionally, authority can be attributed to specific design principles or philosophies that have stood the test of time and have been widely accepted as foundational to good design practices. The concept of authority in design is closely linked to notions of credibility, trust, and influence. When a designer or design entity is recognized as an authority, their ideas, opinions, and work carry more weight and are more likely to be accepted and followed by others in the field. This authority can be leveraged to drive innovation, shape trends, and contribute to the overall advancement of the design discipline. However, it is important to note that authority in design should not be seen as absolute or unchanging. As the field evolves and new perspectives emerge, the nature of authority can also shift. It is through the continuous questioning, challenging, and building upon established authorities that design continues to progress and remain relevant to the changing needs of society.

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