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Action Research

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Action Research

Action Research is a participatory and iterative approach to research that aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice by involving practitioners in the research process. It is a collaborative methodology that integrates action and reflection, theory and practice, in pursuit of practical solutions to pressing concerns and a deeper understanding of the underlying issues. The process typically involves a cyclical sequence of planning, action, observation, and reflection, with each cycle informing and refining the next. Action Research emphasizes the active engagement of participants, who are seen as co-researchers rather than passive subjects, in identifying problems, designing interventions, implementing changes, and evaluating outcomes. This democratic and empowering approach to research is rooted in the belief that those most affected by a problem are best positioned to understand and address it. By blurring the boundaries between researchers and practitioners, Action Research seeks to generate knowledge that is both academically rigorous and practically relevant, leading to meaningful improvements in professional practice, organizational performance, and social conditions. It has been widely applied across diverse fields, including education, healthcare, social work, and organizational development, to tackle complex real-world problems and drive positive change.

Action Research, participatory research, collaborative inquiry, reflective practice, iterative process, practical solutions, empowerment

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