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Aoyama Gakuin University

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Aoyama Gakuin University

Aoyama Gakuin University, known in its native Japanese as Aoyama Gakuin Daigaku, is a prestigious private university located in the bustling city of Tokyo, Japan. The institution boasts a rich history and a wide array of departments and programs spanning across various fields of study. The university's foundation traces back to the late 19th century, marking it as one of the historical educational institutions in Japan that has contributed significantly to the academic and professional landscape of the country. The university is organized into several colleges and graduate schools, each dedicated to specific areas of study, thereby catering to a diverse range of academic interests and career aspirations among students. The College of Economics offers specialized programs in Economic History, Economics, Environmental Studies, Industrial and Production Economics, and International Economics, preparing students for careers in the global economic sector. Similarly, the College of Education, Psychology, and Human Studies addresses the growing demand for professionals in Clinical Psychology, Communication Studies, Development Studies, Developmental Psychology, Education, Educational Sciences, Media Studies, Primary Education, Psychology, Social Psychology, and Sociology. The College of Literature at Aoyama Gakuin University is renowned for its comprehensive programs in American Studies, Archaeology, Art History, Asian Studies, Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, English, English Studies, Fine Arts, Foreign Languages Education, French, French Studies, History, Japanese, Linguistics, Literature, Music, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts. This wide range of disciplines underscores the university's commitment to fostering a deep understanding of human culture, history, and artistic expression. In the realm of Science and Engineering, the university offers programs in Analytical Chemistry, Applied Physics, Biological and Life Sciences, Business Administration, Chemistry, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Inorganic Chemistry, Management, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Natural Sciences, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Physics, Production Engineering, Safety Engineering, Software Engineering, and Statistics. These programs are designed to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the rapidly evolving technological and scientific sectors. The graduate schools at Aoyama Gakuin University further enhance the academic offerings of the institution. The Graduate School of Business focuses on Business Administration, while the Graduate School of Cultural and Creative Studies delves into Art Management, Cultural Studies, and Fine Arts. The Graduate School of Economics, Education, Psychology and Human Studies, International Management, International Politics, Economics and Communication, Law, Literature, Professional Accountancy, Science and Engineering, and Social Informatics offer advanced studies in their respective fields, providing students with opportunities for research, specialization, and professional development. Additionally, the university houses schools dedicated to Business, Cultural and Creative Studies, International Politics, Economics and Communication, Law, and Social Informatics, offering programs in Accountancy, Business Administration, Marketing, Art Management, Cultural Studies, Social Sciences, Communication Studies, Government, International Business, International Economics, International Relations and Diplomacy, International Studies, Political Sciences, Regional Studies, Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, European Union Law, Human Rights, International Law, Labour Law, Information Sciences, Information Technology, Mathematics, and Social Sciences. Aoyama Gakuin University's comprehensive academic structure, combined with its strategic location in Tokyo, provides students with a vibrant and dynamic learning environment. The university's commitment to excellence in education, research, and community service has established it as a leading institution in Japan and beyond, nurturing generations of professionals who contribute positively to society.

Aoyama Gakuin Daigaku

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