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Amman Arab University

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Amman Arab University

Amman Arab University, known in Arabic as Jami'at Amman Al-Arabiyya lil Disarat Al-Ulia, is a prominent institution of higher education located in the bustling city of Amman, Jordan. Although the foundation year is not specified, the university has established itself as a significant educational and research institution in the region, offering a wide range of academic programs across various disciplines. The university is organized into several faculties, each dedicated to a specific field of study, thereby providing a comprehensive and diverse educational environment for its students. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Amman Arab University offers programs in English, Mathematics, Translation, and Interpretation. This faculty is designed to foster a deep understanding of both the humanities and the sciences, preparing students for a variety of careers and further academic pursuits. The emphasis on languages, particularly with programs in Translation and Interpretation, highlights the university's commitment to cross-cultural communication and international engagement. In the realm of specialized education, the Faculty of Aviation Sciences stands out with its Maintenance Technology program. This unique offering underscores the university's dedication to providing career-oriented education in fields that are critical to both national and global economies. The program is designed to equip students with the technical skills and knowledge required for careers in aviation maintenance, a sector that demands precision and expertise. The Faculty of Business encompasses a broad spectrum of programs including Accountancy, Business Computing, Finance, Management, and Marketing. This faculty aims to prepare students for the dynamic and ever-changing business world, emphasizing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The diverse range of programs ensures that graduates are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the global business environment. For students interested in technology and innovation, the Faculty of Computer Science and Informatics offers programs in Computer Science and Software Engineering. These programs are tailored to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving tech industry, providing students with a strong foundation in both theory and application of computer science principles. The Faculty of Educational and Psychological Sciences addresses the critical areas of Curriculum, Education, Educational Administration, Educational and Student Counselling, Educational Psychology, and Special Education. This faculty is essential for training future educators and psychologists, focusing on the development of effective teaching strategies, educational leadership, and support services for diverse learning needs. Engineering is another key area of study at Amman Arab University, with the Faculty of Engineering offering programs in Architecture and Civil Engineering. These programs are designed to cultivate a deep understanding of design principles, engineering concepts, and the practical skills necessary for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure. The Faculty of Law provides comprehensive legal education through its programs in Law, Private Law, and Public Law. This faculty aims to develop a thorough understanding of Jordanian and international legal systems, preparing students for careers in legal practice, academia, and public service. Lastly, the Faculty of Pharmacy offers a program in Pharmacy, emphasizing the importance of pharmaceutical sciences in healthcare. This program prepares students for careers in pharmacy practice, research, and healthcare policy, highlighting the critical role of pharmacists in patient care and medication management. Amman Arab University, through its diverse faculties and programs, demonstrates a commitment to providing high-quality education across a range of disciplines. The university's focus on both theoretical knowledge and practical skills prepares its graduates to contribute effectively to their chosen fields and to society at large.

Jami'at Amman Al-Arabiyya lil Disarat Al-Ulia

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