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Anhanguera University of São Paulo

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Anhanguera University of São Paulo

Anhanguera University of São Paulo, known in Portuguese as Universidade Anhanguera de São Paulo, is a prominent higher education institution located in the bustling city of São Paulo, Brazil. Although the foundation year is not specified, the university has established itself as a significant educational entity in the region, offering a wide range of academic programs across various fields of study. The university is organized into several departments, each focusing on specific areas of knowledge and expertise, catering to a diverse student body with varying academic and professional aspirations. The Department of Business Administration is comprehensive, offering courses in Accountancy, Administration, Advertising and Publicity, Business Administration, Health Administration, Marketing, Public Relations, Secretarial Studies, and Tourism. This department aims to equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the dynamic world of business, preparing them for careers in both the public and private sectors. In the realm of Engineering, Architecture, and Urbanism, Anhanguera University of São Paulo stands out with a broad spectrum of programs including Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Design, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electronics and Automation, Engineering Management, Environmental Engineering, Interior Design, Mechanical Engineering, Polymer and Plastics Technology, Production Engineering, and Telecommunications Engineering. This department focuses on fostering innovation, critical thinking, and technical expertise among its students, preparing them for the challenges of the modern engineering and architectural landscapes. The university also offers programs in the Exact and Earth Sciences, covering disciplines such as Agronomy, Biological and Life Sciences, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Radiology, and Veterinary Science. These programs are designed to provide students with a deep understanding of the natural world, equipping them with the skills to address complex scientific challenges. In the area of Social Sciences and Law, students can pursue studies in Criminology, International Relations and Diplomacy, Journalism, Law, Social Sciences, and Social Work. This department aims to develop well-rounded individuals who are capable of critical thinking and contributing positively to society through various roles in the social sciences and legal fields. For those interested in Sports and Health Sciences, the university offers programs in Biology, Biomedicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Physical Education, Physical Therapy, Radiology, Speech Therapy, and Audiology. These programs are dedicated to promoting health and wellness, preparing students for careers in healthcare, sports science, and related fields. Lastly, the university's offerings in Arts and Humanities include programs in Arts and Humanities, English, Fine Arts, History, Pedagogy, Portuguese, Spanish, Translation and Interpretation, and Visual Arts. This department focuses on fostering creativity, critical analysis, and a deep appreciation for cultural and artistic expressions. Anhanguera University of São Paulo is a vibrant academic community that prides itself on its diverse range of programs, commitment to excellence in education, and its role in contributing to the intellectual, cultural, and economic development of São Paulo and beyond. Through its comprehensive curriculum and dedicated faculty, the university continues to prepare students for successful careers and meaningful contributions to society.

Universidade Anhanguera de São Paulo

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