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Angkor University

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Angkor University

Angkor University, located in the historic city of Siem Reap, Cambodia, stands as a beacon of higher education in the region. Since its inception, Angkor University has been dedicated to providing a comprehensive education across a wide range of disciplines, catering to the diverse interests and career aspirations of its students. The university is structured into several faculties, each specializing in key areas of study and research, thereby fostering an environment of academic excellence and innovation. The Faculty of Agricultural Science at Angkor University offers programs in Agricultural Economics, Agriculture, and Rural Planning, addressing the critical need for sustainable agricultural practices and economic development in rural areas. This faculty is instrumental in equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to Cambodia's agricultural sector, which is a cornerstone of the national economy. In the realm of Arts, Humanities, and Languages, the university boasts a faculty that encompasses Educational Administration, English, Modern Languages, Translation, and Interpretation. This faculty is pivotal in nurturing the linguistic capabilities and cultural awareness of students, preparing them for global communication and understanding in an increasingly interconnected world. The Faculty of Business Administration and Tourism is another key component of Angkor University, offering courses in Accountancy, Banking, Business Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Management, Marketing, and Tourism. Given the significance of tourism to Cambodia's economy, particularly in Siem Reap, a city famed for the Angkor Wat temple complex, this faculty plays a vital role in developing professionals capable of innovating and leading in the business and tourism sectors. Engineering and architecture are also central to the university's academic offerings, with the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture providing programs in Architecture, Design, Electrical Engineering, Engineering, Interior Design, Power Engineering, and Town Planning. This faculty is essential for cultivating the next generation of engineers and architects who will contribute to the sustainable development and aesthetic enhancement of Cambodia's built environment. The Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, with its focus on Commercial Law, Criminal Law, International Law, Law, Private Law, Public Law, and Social Sciences, is crucial for fostering an understanding of legal systems and social issues. This faculty prepares students for careers in law, governance, and social services, emphasizing the importance of justice and societal well-being. Public health is another critical area of focus for Angkor University, with the Faculty of Public Health offering programs in Midwifery, Nursing, and Public Health. This faculty is dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes in Cambodia through education and training in essential health services and public health principles. Lastly, the Faculty of Science and Technology, which includes Computer Science and Information Technology, addresses the growing demand for skilled professionals in the fields of technology and innovation. This faculty is at the forefront of preparing students for the digital age, equipping them with the technical skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. Angkor University, through its diverse faculties and comprehensive programs, plays a pivotal role in the development of human capital in Cambodia. By fostering academic excellence, practical skills, and a commitment to societal progress, the university contributes significantly to the nation's development and to the broader goals of education and empowerment in Southeast Asia.

Angkor University

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