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American University of Modern Science of Haiti

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American University of Modern Science of Haiti

The American University of Modern Science of Haiti, known in its native language as Université Américaine des Sciences Modernes d’Haïti, is a distinguished institution located in the vibrant city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Though the foundation year is not specified, the university has established itself as a beacon of higher education in Haiti, focusing on a wide range of academic disciplines that cater to the evolving needs of the modern world. The university is structured into several faculties, each dedicated to a specific field of study, thereby providing a comprehensive educational experience to its students. The Faculty of Educational Sciences is one of the cornerstones of the university, offering programs in Humanities and Social Science Education, Mathematics Education, Preschool Education, Primary Education, and Science Education. This faculty is committed to preparing educators who are not only proficient in their subject matter but also equipped with the pedagogical skills necessary to foster the intellectual and social development of their students. By focusing on a variety of educational disciplines, the faculty aims to address the diverse needs of the educational sector in Haiti and beyond. In the realm of engineering and architecture, the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture stands out for its rigorous programs in Architecture and Engineering. This faculty is dedicated to nurturing innovative thinkers and skilled professionals capable of contributing to the development and sustainability of the built environment. Through a curriculum that emphasizes both theoretical knowledge and practical application, students are prepared to tackle the challenges of modern engineering and architectural design with creativity and technical proficiency. The Faculty of Health Sciences, with its program in Nursing, addresses the critical need for qualified healthcare professionals in Haiti. The nursing program is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and ethical framework necessary to provide high-quality care in a variety of healthcare settings. By focusing on both the science and the art of nursing, the faculty aims to produce graduates who are compassionate caregivers and competent practitioners. Lastly, the Faculty of Law and International Relations offers programs in International Relations and Diplomacy, and Law, reflecting the university's commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of global affairs and the principles of justice. Students in these programs are exposed to a broad spectrum of legal and diplomatic concepts, preparing them for careers in the public and private sectors where they can contribute to the promotion of peace, justice, and international cooperation. The American University of Modern Science of Haiti, through its diverse faculties and programs, plays a pivotal role in the educational landscape of Haiti. By providing high-quality education in critical fields of study, the university not only contributes to the personal and professional development of its students but also to the socio-economic development of Haiti and the global community.

Université Américaine des Sciences Modernes d’Haïti

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