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ARTS² - Academy of Arts

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ARTS² - Academy of Arts

ARTS², also known as the Academy of Arts or Ecole supérieure des Arts Arts au carré, is a prestigious institution located in Mons, Belgium, within the French Community. Established in 2011, ARTS² represents a significant evolution in the landscape of higher arts education in Belgium, merging the rich traditions of its predecessor institutions with a forward-thinking approach to arts education. The academy is structured around three main departments or divisions, each dedicated to a specific area of the arts, ensuring a comprehensive and specialized training environment for its students. The Music Department at ARTS² offers a wide array of programs focusing on Music, Music Theory and Composition, and Musical Instruments. This department is designed to nurture the talents of aspiring musicians, composers, and music theorists, providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the dynamic and diverse field of music. Through a combination of theoretical courses and practical workshops, students are encouraged to develop their unique artistic voices while gaining a deep understanding of the historical and cultural contexts of their craft. The Theatre Department is dedicated solely to the study and practice of Theatre. This division aims to cultivate the next generation of actors, directors, and theatre practitioners by offering a curriculum that balances the theoretical aspects of theatre studies with intensive practical training. Students are exposed to a wide range of theatrical traditions and practices, from classical to contemporary, enabling them to develop a versatile and adaptable approach to their craft. The department's commitment to excellence in theatre education is reflected in its faculty, which comprises experienced professionals and educators who are actively involved in the theatre scene. The Visual Arts Department at ARTS² is perhaps the most diverse, encompassing a broad spectrum of disciplines including Engraving, Fine Arts, Furniture Design, Interior Design, Multimedia, Painting and Drawing, Sculpture, and Visual Arts. This department is designed for students who wish to explore the vast possibilities of visual expression and creativity. Whether their interest lies in traditional fine arts or in the more contemporary fields of multimedia and design, students have the opportunity to engage deeply with their chosen medium under the guidance of accomplished artists and designers. The curriculum not only emphasizes technical skill and creative innovation but also encourages students to consider the social, cultural, and ethical implications of their work. Since its foundation in 2011, ARTS² has quickly established itself as a leading institution for arts education in Belgium. Its multidisciplinary approach, combined with a commitment to fostering individual artistic development, makes it an attractive destination for students from Belgium and beyond. The academy's location in Mons, a city known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant arts scene, provides an inspiring backdrop for students' creative pursuits. As ARTS² continues to evolve, it remains dedicated to its mission of advancing the arts through education, research, and community engagement, preparing students to make meaningful contributions to the arts and society.

ARTS² - Ecole supérieure des Arts Arts au carré

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