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Arts et Métiers Sciences et Technologies

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Arts et Métiers Sciences et Technologies

Arts et Métiers Sciences et Technologies, also known as Arts et Métiers Paris Tech within the COMUE HESAM Université, is a prestigious institution located in Paris, France. Founded in 1780, it has a rich history of contributing significantly to the fields of engineering and technology. The university is renowned for its comprehensive approach to education, research, and innovation, particularly in the realms of mechanical engineering and industrial engineering. It has established itself as a leading force in engineering education, not only in France but globally, by continuously adapting to the evolving demands of the industry and the scientific community. The institution is structured into various departments, institutes, and laboratories, each focusing on specialized areas within engineering and technology. The Centre for Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering offers programs in Industrial Engineering, Management, and Mechanical Engineering, preparing students for the complexities of modern industrial operations and management. The Institute of Mechanics and Engineering (I2M) delves into Environmental Studies and Mechanical Engineering, reflecting the growing importance of sustainable engineering practices. The Navy School (IRENAV) focuses on Marine Engineering, highlighting the institution's commitment to contributing to advancements in maritime technology. Arts et Métiers Sciences et Technologies is also home to several laboratories that are at the forefront of research and development in their respective fields. The Biomechanics (LBM) laboratory specializes in Mechanical Engineering, offering insights into the application of mechanical principles to biological systems. The Design, Manufacturing Processes and Control (LCFC) laboratory explores Engineering Drawing and Design, along with Production Engineering, emphasizing the importance of design in manufacturing processes. The Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics (L2EP) laboratory and the Electronics Engineering and Digital Imaging (LE2I) laboratory focus on Electrical Engineering, Computer Graphics, and Electronic Engineering, showcasing the institution's strength in electrical and electronics engineering. Further emphasizing its research capabilities, the institution houses laboratories dedicated to Energetics and Internal Fluid Mechanics, Fluid Dynamics (DynFluid), and Information Technology and Systems (LSIS-INSM), covering areas such as Energy Engineering, Mechanics, Physics, Computer Engineering, and Information Technology. The Materials Sciences and Processes (LABOMAP), Mechanical Engineering, Process and innovations (LAMPA), and Mechanics (LML) laboratories, among others, contribute to the institution's expertise in Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and related disciplines. These laboratories not only enhance the academic environment by providing students with hands-on research opportunities but also contribute significantly to the global body of knowledge through their groundbreaking research. Arts et Métiers Sciences et Technologies stands as a beacon of excellence in engineering education and research. Its comprehensive curriculum, state-of-the-art laboratories, and a strong emphasis on innovation and sustainability prepare students to become leaders in their fields. The institution's long-standing tradition of excellence, combined with its forward-looking approach, ensures that it continues to play a crucial role in shaping the future of engineering and technology both in France and around the world.

Arts et Métiers Paris Tech - COMUE HESAM Université

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