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Air Reheaters

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Air Reheaters

Air reheaters are devices used in industrial processes to increase the temperature of air that has already been heated once. They are commonly used in power plants, industrial boilers, and other applications where hot air is required. Air reheaters work by transferring heat from flue gas or exhaust gases to the incoming air stream, which is then heated to the desired temperature. Air reheaters come in various designs and configurations, but they all operate on the same basic principle of heat transfer. The most common types of air reheaters are plate-type, tubular, and rotary regenerative air heaters. Plate-type air reheaters consist of a series of parallel plates that are separated by a small distance. The hot exhaust gases flow over one side of the plates, while the cool air flows over the other side, and heat is transferred from the exhaust gases to the air. Tubular air reheaters use a series of tubes to transfer heat from the exhaust gases to the air. Rotary regenerative air heaters use a rotating wheel with a heat-absorbing material to transfer heat from the exhaust gases to the air. Air reheaters are an important component in many industrial processes, as they can significantly increase the efficiency of energy use. By reusing heat that would otherwise be wasted, air reheaters can reduce fuel consumption and lower emissions. They are also used in applications where the temperature of the air stream needs to be precisely controlled, such as in chemical processes or in the production of certain materials.

industrial processes, power plants, heat transfer, plate-type, tubular, rotary regenerative, efficiency

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