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Albs are a type of liturgical vestment worn by clergy members during religious services in various Christian denominations. The word alb comes from the Latin word albus, meaning white, which refers to the traditional color of the garment. The alb is a long, white tunic made of linen or other lightweight fabric that reaches to the ankles and has long sleeves. It is typically fastened at the waist with a cord or belt, and may have decorative embroidery or lace at the hem or cuffs. The alb is considered to be one of the most ancient liturgical vestments, dating back to the early Christian church. Its simple design reflects the humility and purity of the clergy who wear it, and it is often worn as a symbol of baptismal purity. The alb is also a practical garment, as it is lightweight and allows for ease of movement during the liturgy. In addition to its use in Christian worship services, the alb has also been adopted by some secular organizations as a symbol of purity or professionalism. For example, medical professionals may wear white albs during certain ceremonies or events.

liturgical vestment, Christian denominations, tunic, linen, humility

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