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Angora Goat Hair

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Angora Goat Hair

Angora goat hair, also known as mohair, is a luxurious and highly sought-after natural fiber that is produced by the Angora goat. The Angora goat is a breed of domestic goat that is primarily raised for its long, curly, and lustrous hair, which is sheared twice a year. Mohair is known for its exceptional strength, durability, and elasticity, as well as its ability to absorb dyes and retain their color vibrancy. Mohair is widely used in the fashion industry for its unique properties and luxurious feel. It is commonly used in the production of high-end clothing items such as coats, jackets, and suits, as well as accessories like scarves and hats. Mohair is also used in the production of home furnishings, including upholstery fabrics and decorative pillows. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, mohair also has several practical benefits. Its natural wicking properties make it an excellent choice for outdoor clothing, as it can help to regulate body temperature and keep the wearer dry. Mohair is also naturally flame-resistant, making it a safe choice for home furnishings and other applications where fire safety is a concern. While mohair is a highly desirable fiber, it is important to note that the production of Angora goat hair can be controversial. Some animal welfare advocates have raised concerns about the treatment of Angora goats, particularly in countries where animal welfare laws are not as strict. However, many producers of mohair are committed to ethical and sustainable practices, and work to ensure that their animals are well-cared for and treated humanely.

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