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Atlases are books or collections of maps, charts, and other geographical information. They are designed to provide a comprehensive and detailed representation of the physical and political features of the Earth's surface. Atlases can cover a wide range of topics, including topography, geology, climate, population, transportation, and political boundaries. They are often used by students, researchers, and professionals in fields such as geography, cartography, and urban planning. The earliest known atlas was created by the Greek geographer Ptolemy in the 2nd century AD. This work, known as the Geographia, contained maps of the world as it was known at the time, along with instructions on how to create maps using a system of coordinates. Over time, atlases became more sophisticated and began to include more detailed information about the world's geography and political divisions. Modern atlases are typically organized by region or topic, with each section containing a variety of maps and charts. They may also include photographs, illustrations, and text that provide additional context and information about the areas being depicted. Some atlases are designed for specific purposes, such as road atlases that provide detailed information about highways and other transportation routes. In recent years, digital atlases have become increasingly popular. These atlases are typically accessed online and can provide users with interactive maps and other features that are not possible with traditional print atlases. Digital atlases can also be updated more easily than print atlases, making them a valuable resource for researchers and other professionals.

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