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Artists’ Watercolor Saucers

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Artists’ Watercolor Saucers

Artists' watercolor saucers are small, circular containers used by artists to hold and mix watercolors. They are typically made of porcelain or plastic, and are designed to be easily cleaned and reused. The saucers are shallow, with a slight indentation in the center to hold the paint. They are often sold in sets of six or twelve, and are an essential tool for watercolor painters of all skill levels. One of the primary advantages of using watercolor saucers is that they allow artists to mix and dilute their paint to achieve the desired consistency and color. Because the saucers are shallow, they provide a wide surface area for mixing, making it easy to blend colors and create subtle variations. Additionally, the smooth, non-porous surface of the porcelain or plastic saucers makes them easy to clean, ensuring that artists can quickly switch between colors without worrying about contamination. When using watercolor saucers, it is important to keep in mind that they are not designed to hold large amounts of paint. Instead, they are intended for small, precise applications of color. Artists may find it helpful to use multiple saucers at once, allowing them to work with several colors simultaneously. Some artists also prefer to use saucers with a lid, which can help prevent the paint from drying out between uses. Overall, artists' watercolor saucers are an essential tool for any watercolor painter. They provide a convenient and efficient way to mix and apply paint, and are available in a wide range of sizes and materials to suit any artist's needs.

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