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Artists’ Water Colour Saucers

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Artists’ Water Colour Saucers

Artists' watercolour saucers are small, circular containers used by artists to hold and mix watercolour paints. They are typically made of porcelain or plastic and have a shallow, concave shape that allows for easy mixing and application of paint. The saucers are designed to be portable and can be easily carried in an artist's paint box or bag. Watercolour saucers are an essential tool for watercolour painters, as they allow for precise control over the amount of water and paint used in a painting. The shallow shape of the saucer allows for easy mixing of colours, and the smooth surface of the porcelain or plastic makes it easy to clean and reuse the saucer for multiple painting sessions. Watercolour saucers come in a variety of sizes, from small, individual saucers to larger, multi-compartment palettes. Some saucers are designed with ridges or grooves to help artists mix their colours more effectively, while others are smooth and featureless for a more minimalist approach. Overall, artists' watercolour saucers are an essential tool for any watercolour painter, providing a convenient and portable way to mix and apply paint. With their simple yet effective design, these saucers are a must-have for artists of all skill levels.

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