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Animal-activated Livestock Feeders

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Animal-activated Livestock Feeders

Animal-activated livestock feeders are a type of feeding system designed to provide animals with access to feed on demand. These feeders are designed to be activated by the animal's weight, movement, or other physical actions, which triggers the release of feed from the hopper or storage container. The primary goal of animal-activated feeders is to reduce feed waste and improve feed efficiency, as animals are only able to access feed when they are hungry, rather than having access to feed at all times. These feeders can be used for a variety of livestock animals, including cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs. They are particularly useful for outdoor feeding systems, where animals are free to roam and graze. By using animal-activated feeders, farmers can reduce the amount of feed that is wasted due to weather conditions or other environmental factors, as the feed is only released when an animal is present to consume it. There are several types of animal-activated livestock feeders available on the market, including gravity-fed systems, treadle feeders, and electronic feeders. Gravity-fed systems rely on the animal's weight to activate the release of feed, while treadle feeders require the animal to step on a pedal or treadle to release the feed. Electronic feeders use sensors to detect the animal's presence and release feed accordingly. Overall, animal-activated livestock feeders are an effective way to improve feed efficiency and reduce feed waste in livestock production systems. By providing animals with access to feed on demand, farmers can ensure that their animals are well-fed and healthy, while also reducing the amount of feed that is wasted.

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