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Articulated Vehicles

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Articulated Vehicles

Articulated vehicles, also known as semi-trailers or tractor-trailers, are a type of heavy-duty vehicle that consists of two separate parts: a tractor unit that contains the engine and driver's cab, and a trailer unit that is attached to the back of the tractor unit. The trailer unit is connected to the tractor unit with a fifth wheel coupling, which allows for the two parts to pivot independently of each other. This design allows for greater maneuverability and flexibility in transporting large and heavy loads. Articulated vehicles are commonly used for long-distance transportation of goods, such as freight, construction materials, and equipment. They are also used in the transportation of hazardous materials, as well as in the military for transporting troops and equipment. Due to their size and weight, articulated vehicles require specialized training and licensing to operate. The use of articulated vehicles has revolutionized the transportation industry, allowing for more efficient and cost-effective movement of goods over long distances. However, they also pose unique challenges, such as increased risk of accidents and difficulty maneuvering in tight spaces. As such, regulations and safety standards have been put in place to ensure the safe operation of articulated vehicles on public roads.

heavy-duty, tractor-trailers, fifth wheel coupling, long-distance transportation, hazardous materials

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