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Amaranth Color

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Amaranth Color

Amaranth Color is a rich, purplish red color that is derived from the name of the amaranth flower. Throughout history, the amaranth color has been associated with spirituality, royalty, and strength. It has been used to adorn religious artifacts and decorate the robes of religious figures. In the Middle Ages, the color was used to signify wealth and power as it was only accessible to the privileged class. In contemporary culture, amaranth color is often used in fashion and design to signify royalty, passion, and ambition. It is also said to have a calming effect on people and to evoke feelings of security, comfort, and peace.

Royalty, Passion, Strength, Comfort, Ambition.

Rebecca Taylor

Amaranth Color

Amaranth Color is a reddish-purple hue with a wavelength of approximately 420-450 nm on the visible light spectrum. Its distinct appearance is due to the way it stimulates the three types of color-sensitive cone cells: short-wavelength cones, medium-wavelength cones, and long-wavelength cones. The intensity of each cone’s response to the wavelength determines the exact hue and saturation of the color. In the case of Amaranth Color, the long-wavelength cones are stimulated in a dominant manner, which creates a strong reddish-purple hue.

Vibrant, Radiant, Radiant Purple, Radiant Magenta, Red-Violet.

William Davis

Amaranth Color

Amaranth Color is a deep, rich shade of purple with a hint of bright red. This color is often used for fashion items, interior design, and branding. It has a regal feeling and has been used over the centuries to connote power, strength and aristocracy. Studies have also shown that people experience increased levels of joy and enthusiasm when they are in the presence of Amaranth Color.

Royalty, Luxury, Elegance, Strength, Opulence

Brendon Parker

Amaranth Color

Amaranth Color is a vivid reddish-purple hue, which is a popular choice for clothing, accessories, furniture, and even art. It has been known to evoke feelings of comfort and security, as well as a sense of confidence and power. This color is often seen in nature, as seen in flowers, sunsets and landscapes across the world. Products or concepts that feature the color Amaranth include home decor items such as rugs, cushions, and curtains, as well as clothing and footwear items such as coats, boots, and bags.

Vivid, Comfort, Security, Confidence, Power, Reliable, Sophisticated, Distinctive, Luxury, Impressive.

Brendon Parker

Amaranth Color

Amaranth Color is a purplish red hue with a hint of purple and pink. It is a very deep and vibrant color, with a range of shades and tints that range from a bright magenta to a subtle rose. When creating this color, it is important to use a complementary or analogous palette to ensure the desired hue. This color is often used in fashion and interior design, adding depth and richness to the overall look. It is also a popular choice for digital designs and artwork, due to its vibrant and deep properties.

Alternatives, synonyms, misperceptions, and other words used to describe the color Amaranth include: fuchsia, crimson, magenta, mauve, carmine, and claret.

Peter Wright

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Amaranth Color

Amaranth Color is a vibrant reddish-purple color that can be used to create bold and eye-catching works of art. This color has been utilized in painting, graphic design, and textiles, and often appears in bright hues of purple. Several examples of Amaranth Color can be seen in everyday life, such as in the beauty of nature, where it can be found in the petals of certain flowers, as well as in popular fashion and branding. For instance, several fashion labels have recently included items featuring Amaranth Color in their collections, as well as using the color to create memorable logos that are recognizable by their consumers.

Vibrant, Bold, Eye-Catching, Purple, Reddish-Purple.

John Miller

Amaranth Color Definition
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