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Atomic Tangerine Color

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Atomic Tangerine Color

Atomic Tangerine Color is a vibrant and intense color, which is an orange-based hue that shifts between red and yellow. It is considered to be a powerful expression of self-confidence and individuality, and is often associated with strength and courage. Historically, it has been used to represent energy, creativity, and happiness in art, fashion, and design. It is thought to be the color of passion and vibrancy and has been used to convey different cultural meanings in various cultures and time periods. Psychologically and emotionally, Atomic Tangerine Color is said to stimulate energy and promote enthusiasm, passion, and creativity.

Cheerfulness, Joy, Fervor, Vigor, Ardor.

Rebecca Taylor

Atomic Tangerine Color

Atomic Tangerine Color is a vibrant shade of orange-pink that is usually associated with the frequency range of 522–485 nanometers. Visible light is composed of different colors, and each color is affected by the wavelength of light that it is composed of. Atomic Tangerine Color is created when the light enters the human eye and is composed of the frequency in the range of 522–485 nanometers. The physical properties that make up this particular wavelength of light, such as the light’s energy, direction, and composition, are what give it its unique hue. This hue is then perceived by the human eye as the color Atomic Tangerine.

Vibrant, Bright, Neon, Orange-pink, Fiery.

William Davis

Atomic Tangerine Color

Atomic Tangerine Color can be defined as a color with a particular wavelength or frequency in the visible light spectrum that is perceived as a bright, vibrant orange hue. The physical properties which contribute to the bright orange hue are the combination of the yellowish-red of the spectrum and the yellow of the spectrum. This combination of red and yellow is what causes the eye to perceive the hue as orange. The wavelength of Atomic Tangerine Color falls between 585 nanometers and 615 nanometers on the visible light spectrum.

Vibrant, Orange, Hue, Visible Light, Spectrum

William Davis

Atomic Tangerine Color

Atomic Tangerine Color is a bright and vibrant hue that brings forth an air of positivity and joy. It is a warm, energetic and cheery color that is featured in a variety of objects and concepts such as paint, clothing, accessories, toys, graphics, logos and art. This exuberant color has the capacity to transport a person to a world of optimism and enthusiasm as its vibrancy is capable of uplifting moods and eliciting stimulating thoughts.

Happiness, sunshine, energy, joy, serenity.

Brendon Parker

Atomic Tangerine Color

Atomic Tangerine Color is a bright, almost electric, color of orange. It is a shade of orange that has a lot of yellow in it, giving it its very bold and vibrant appearance. The Atomic Tangerine Color has a variety of tints, such as light tangerine, pale tangerine, medium tangerine, dark tangerine and neon tangerine. Atomic Tangerine Color is created when red and yellow are mixed to create an orange hue. It is often used in creative and artistic mediums, such as graphic design and fashion.

Alternative names and terms used to describe the color Atomic Tangerine Color include Neon Carrot, Neon Orange, Vivid Tangerine, Safety Orange, Orange Peel, Laser Lemon, Macaroni and Cheese, and Electric Orange.

Peter Wright

Atomic Tangerine Color

Atomic Tangerine Color, also known as Pantone 15-1520, is a vibrant, distinctive shade of orange. It has been used extensively in the visual arts, including painting, graphic design, and textiles. It has been used to evoke a sense of energy and vivacity in interior decorating and fashion, and is widely seen in nature, in the form of vivid sunsets and vegetation. It is also commonly used in branding, as it is thought to be a vibrant and eye-catching color that encourages action.

Bright, bold, striking, vivid, energizing.

John Miller

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Atomic Tangerine Color Definition
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