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Azure is a vivid, bright blue, which is often associated with the sea and the sky and can be found in the natural world. Historically, the color has been highly prized in both art and fashion and has been used to express a variety of meanings, from spirituality and royalty to luck and peace. In the past, the hue has been employed to convey feelings of serenity, strength, and hope. Its calming and restorative properties have also been cited in many cultures, including that of the ancient Greeks. From a psychological standpoint, Azure is said to be associated with creativity, intelligence, and clarity of thought. Furthermore, it has been purported to have a balancing effect on the mind and body, and its symbolism has been featured in many forms of art, from Egyptian hieroglyphs to Islamic texts.

Peaceful, Clarity, Creative, Strength, Hope

Rebecca Taylor


Azure is a bright, beautiful blue color, with a light turquoise tint. It is created with a combination of blue and green pigments and is often used in art and design. Depending on the ratio of blue and green added, the color can vary slightly in shades, ranging from a soft, pale blue to a richer, darker blue. In addition, different tints of Azure greatly depend on the light source that is used, ranging from a brighter, icy blue to a light, pastel blue.

Alternative names, synonyms and terms for Azure include Cerulean, Sky blue, Teal, Turquoise blue, Air force blue.

Peter Wright


Azure is a color that is perceived in the visible spectrum with a wavelength of roughly 470-480 nanometers. It is part of the cyan family of hues and is almost a pure chroma, having very little in terms of white or grey in its makeup. Azure is a cool color, with a tint of blue and a slight hint of green and is often thought to be the color of a clear, bright sky. It is the hue of the aether that lies above the clouds and transports color to the world in the form of light. The physics behind this color is that it is a result of the absorption of light in the orange and yellow wavelengths and the resulting scattering of light in the blue wavelength. This creates the distinctive blue hue that we see as Azure.

Visible Spectrum, Cyan, Blue, Green, Aether, Scattering.

William Davis


Azure is a vibrant, medium-tone blue color that is often associated with the expansive blue sky and ocean depths. Products, items, and concepts such as cerulean-hued clothing, navy blue chairs, and turquoise jewelry are all examples of items featuring the color azure. This color is also often associated with feelings of tranquility, peacefulness, and freedom that many people find comforting.

Calmness, harmony, freshness, spiritual, clarity.

Brendon Parker


Azure is a vivid blue hue, often associated with the sky and the ocean. This color has been used in various art forms such as painting, photography, graphic design, and textiles. Azure is very versatile as it can be used in a fresh, vibrant way with bright shades, and in a more subtle, sophisticated manner with soft tones. Examples of the use of Azure in real-life contexts can be seen in nature, such as the bright blue sky, the deep blue ocean, or the bright blue feathers of tropical birds, as well as in fashion, such as the blue dresses of celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna, or in branding, such as the blue logo of Pepsi.

Pastel, Intense, Sky, Ocean, Vibrant

John Miller


Azure is a vivid blue color, often associated with the sky and sea. It is a color commonly used in art, fashion, and interior design. This hue is represented in the hexadecimal code #F0FFFF and the sRGB value (240,255,255). Azure is also a named web color, making it easy to use in digital design projects. The associations and symbolism associated with this color range from trustworthiness and loyalty to serenity and calm. Azure can also be seen as a symbol of creativity, responsibility, and determination. Other concepts associated with this color include freshness, uplifting energy, and a sense of safety. All of these qualities make Azure an ideal choice for a designer looking to create a positive and calming environment.

Clarity, serenity, creativity, trust, loyalty, energy, responsibility, determination, freshness, security.

Barbara Brown

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