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Alice Blue

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Alice Blue

Alice Blue is a light shade of blue that is evocative of the color of a clear sky on a summer day. Its frequency or wavelength is approximately 498–517 nm, and its hex code is #F0F8FF. The color is believed to be named after Alice Roosevelt Longsworth, the daughter of US President Theodore Roosevelt. Alice Blue is considered a cool color because of the presence of a blue-green component in its makeup. Through the eye, this light blue is seen as a tranquil and calming hue. The perception of Alice Blue can be explained by the physical properties of light as it passes through the eye's lens and receptor cells on the retina. The light energy triggers neural signals in the brain, which are then processed and interpreted as a particular wavelength or color.

Clean, fresh, tranquil, blue-green, pastel.

William Davis

Alice Blue

Alice Blue is a light and delicate blue color, with a subtle hint of green that has been prominent throughout art and design history. Symbolically, Alice Blue has traditionally been used to evoke a sense of serenity, innocence, and purity. It is said to bring a calming, comforting effect to its surrounding environment. The color has been used in a variety of contexts throughout history, from fashion to painting. Its presence in Victorian art and architecture is particularly notable, as the light, pastel hue was thought to provide a sense of hope and optimism. In the modern day, Alice Blue is often used as an accent color to add depth and contrast to a space. It is also known to be a popular choice for decorating nurseries and other rooms meant to evoke a sense of zen and balance.

Calming, Delicate, Serene, Purity, Comforting.

Rebecca Taylor

Alice Blue

Alice Blue is a light, pastel hue with a hue code of 209, which has a calming and peaceful visual effect on people. This colour is often used in products such as clothing, jewelry, and accessories, as well as in interior decor or website design. Its soothing nature, along with its association with the sky, can conjure up positive emotions such as serenity, hope, clarity and optimism.

Light, pastel, hue, calming, peaceful, serenity, hope, clarity, optimism.

Brendon Parker

Alice Blue

Alice Blue is a delicate, airy shade of blue-gray. It was initially developed by the English textile company Liberty & Co. in 1884, inspired by the blue in a fabric used to make a gown for one of Queen Victoria’s granddaughters. While it used to be known as a particular hue of blue, it has since been recreated in different shades and tints. The colors used by modern manufacturers to replicate the original Alice Blue often contain a combination of white, gray and a light sky blue. Alice Blue is still used today in fabric and clothing items, as well as paint, home decor and interior design.

Alternatives, synonyms, and other names for Alice Blue include Lavender Gray, Sky Blue, Baby Blue, Pale Blue, Powder Blue, and Ice Blue.

Peter Wright

Alice Blue

Alice Blue is a light and delicate sky blue color that is named after Queen Victoria's first child, Alice. This delicate pastel blue is often used in art forms such as painting, graphic design, and textiles to evoke feelings of calmness, clarity, and lightness. The color Alice Blue can also be seen in everyday life, from nature in the pale sky of a summer day, to fashion in the light blue dresses and accessories of the Victorian era, to branding in the logos and branding materials of companies with a soft and gentle image.

Serenity, peace, purity, innocence, calm.

John Miller

Alice Blue

The color Alice Blue is a soft, light tint of blue, with a hexadecimal code of #F0F8FF, and an sRGB value of (240,248,255). It is a named web color, and is often associated with femininity and innocence. It is also a popular choice for wedding decorations, as well as being used as a background color in web design. Its subtle hue is soothing and calming, and its versatility makes it a great choice for many different applications.

Light, bright, innocent, feminine, soft, soothing, subtle, versatile, wedding, background, web.

Barbara Brown

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