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Appeal To The Stone

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Appeal To The Stone

Appeal To The Stone is a logical fallacy, which means it is an argument that may seem convincing but is actually based on a false assumption. It's like if someone was trying to prove that an 8-year-old was wrong and they said, Well, that's just the way it is, without giving any evidence to back it up. This kind of argument is not valid because it relies on an assumption that cannot be proven. It's like trying to move a big stone with your bare hands - no matter how hard you try, it won't move.

Logical fallacy, cognitive bias, faulty reasoning, invalid argument.

Thomas Lee

Appeal To The Stone

The Appeal to the Stone is a logical fallacy that occurs when someone makes a claim that is based on an unprovable assumption. This type of logical fallacy is also known as an argumentum ad lapidem. It is a type of cognitive bias that involves the use of an irrational argument to support a claim. This type of bias is used to support a claim without any evidence or logical proof. The Appeal to the Stone fallacy is often used in an attempt to persuade someone to accept an idea without any logical evidence or reasoning. It is an argument that is based on a false assumption or belief.

Appeal to the Stone, Cognitive Bias, Logical Fallacies, False Assumptions, Irrational Argument, Unprovable Assumption.

Jessica Adams

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