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Appeal To Flattery

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Appeal To Flattery

Appeal to Flattery is a type of cognitive bias. It is when someone tries to get you to agree to something by flattering you or praising you. For example, a salesperson might tell you that you look great in a shirt and then try to get you to buy it. They are trying to use your positive feelings about the compliment to influence you to do what they want.

Appeal to Flattery, Cognitive Biases, Logical Fallacies, Manipulation.

Thomas Lee

Appeal To Flattery

Appeal To Flattery is a type of cognitive bias and logical fallacy that involves the use of flattery to manipulate someone into making a decision or believing something. It is often used as a persuasive technique, whereby the persuader compliments the target in order to get them to do something or agree with something. This type of manipulation exploits the target's desire for approval and recognition, leading them to make decisions that are not in their best interest. Appeal To Flattery can be seen in many forms, ranging from political campaigns to advertising. It is important to recognize when someone is attempting to manipulate you through flattery or use it as a tool to influence decision making.

Appeal To Flattery, Cognitive Bias, Logical Fallacy, Persuasion, Manipulation, Flattery, Influence.

Jessica Adams

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