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Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam

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Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam

Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam is a logical fallacy where someone makes a claim about something without any evidence or proof. It is when someone insists that something is true just because there is no evidence to prove that it is not true. For example, if an 8 year old insists that aliens exist because there is no proof that they don't exist, then that is Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam. This type of thinking is an example of a cognitive bias because it can lead to incorrect conclusions even though it seems logical.

Logical Fallacy, Cognitive Bias, Argumentation.

Thomas Lee

Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam

Argumentum ad Ignorantiam, also known as an argument from ignorance, is a logical fallacy in which a proposition is assumed to be true because it has not been proven false. This flawed reasoning is based on the idea that a lack of evidence to the contrary is evidence in favor of the proposition. This type of reasoning can be seen as a cognitive bias as it relies on a false assumption and ignores other factors that could be relevant in determining the truth of the proposition. Argumentum ad Ignorantiam has the potential to lead to false conclusions if it is used to draw conclusions without further evidence. It is important to note that the absence of evidence does not necessarily prove the validity of the statement in question.

Argument, Ignorance, Bias.

Jessica Adams

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