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Appeal To Spite

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Appeal To Spite

Appeal To Spite is a type of thinking that can lead people to make decisions that they might not usually make. It is based on the idea that someone might do something because they don't like someone else and not because it is the best decision. For example, if a person is offered two different options, but one of them is from someone they don't like, they might choose the other option even if it isn't the best one, just because they don't like that person.

Cognitive bias, logical fallacy, spite, decision making, emotion.

Thomas Lee

Appeal To Spite

Appeal to spite is a cognitive bias and logical fallacy that occurs when someone appeals to the negative emotions of their audience in order to gain attention, acceptance and agreement. It is often used to manipulate people into making a decision based on a feeling of spite or revenge rather than on the merits of the argument itself. This type of argumentation is based on the assumption that the audience will be more likely to accept an argument if it appeals to their negative emotions. For example, a speaker may use an appeal to spite to persuade their audience to oppose a law they do not like, on the grounds that the law was passed by a disliked political party. This type of argumentation is considered to be a form of emotional manipulation and is generally frowned upon in academic and professional contexts.

Appeal to spite, cognitive bias, logical fallacy, manipulation, negative emotions.

Jessica Adams

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