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Appeal To Motive

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Appeal To Motive

Appeal To Motive is a type of reasoning that’s used to persuade someone to do something. It works by appealing to the person’s feelings or motives - like their need to feel important, or their desire to be liked or accepted by others. People may use this type of reasoning to try and get someone to do something that they want, without considering the person's own needs or interests. This type of reasoning is considered to be a cognitive bias and logical fallacy because it doesn’t give people the full story, or all the facts, before making a decision.

Appeal To Motive, Cognitive Biases, Logical Fallacies

Thomas Lee

Appeal To Motive

Appeal to Motive is a cognitive bias and logical fallacy that occurs when an argument is made based on the assumption that the person being addressed is motivated by personal gain or self-interest. It is a form of ad hominem argument, in which the speaker attempts to discredit their opponent by appealing to their motives, rather than refuting the opponent’s argument with facts or evidence. This fallacy is often used in an attempt to manipulate the person being addressed, as it fails to address the merits of the argument itself. This form of argument is considered logically fallacious, as it does not provide any evidence to support the argument and relies solely on the audience's potential biases.

Appeal to Motive, Ad Hominem, Cognitive Bias, Logical Fallacy, Manipulation.

Jessica Adams

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