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Appeal To Worse Problems

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Appeal To Worse Problems

Appeal To Worse Problems is a cognitive bias and logical fallacy. It's when someone tries to make their own problem seem less serious by comparing it to something worse. For example, someone might say my grades aren't that bad, there are people with lower grades than me. This person is trying to make their grades seem better by comparing them to someone else's grades, which are worse.

Appeal to Worse Problems, Cognitive Biases, Logical Fallacies

Thomas Lee

Appeal To Worse Problems

Appeal To Worse Problems is a logical fallacy and cognitive bias that occurs when a person attempts to minimize the importance of a current issue by pointing out a problem or issue that they consider to be worse or more important. This fallacy is often used to distract from the current issue or to divert attention away from it. This type of fallacy is also used to make a point seem trivial or insignificant when compared to a more serious issue. This type of fallacy does not address the actual argument or issue but instead attempts to discredit it by emphasizing another problem. This type of fallacy is often used to try to influence people's opinions or decisions.

Appeal To Worse Problems, Cognitive Biases, Logical Fallacies, Distraction, Discredit, Influence.

Jessica Adams

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