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Argumentum Ex Silentio

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Argumentum Ex Silentio

Argumentum Ex Silentio is a cognitive bias that happens when someone makes an assumption about something without having any evidence to back it up. For example, if someone says that their friend is an amazing cook without ever having tasted their food, then they are relying on Argumentum Ex Silentio. This is an example of a logical fallacy, which means that it is an incorrect way of thinking.

Argument from Silence, Unsubstantiated Claim, Circular Reasoning, False Assumption.

Thomas Lee

Argumentum Ex Silentio

Argumentum Ex Silentio, also referred to as Argument from Silence, is a logical fallacy in which an argument is made based on the lack of evidence or an absence of statements. It is a cognitive bias that draws a conclusion from the lack of information or from a situation in which no statement is made. This type of logical fallacy is particularly dangerous because it involves drawing a conclusion from a single piece of evidence or from the lack thereof, and can lead to false assumptions. For instance, if a witness refuses to answer questions in a trial, it is not necessarily a valid argument to assume that the witness is guilty. Argumentum Ex Silentio is a logical fallacy that is often used in debates and in the court of law, and should be avoided in order to ensure a fair and accurate judgement.

Argumentation, Evidence, Fallacy, Bias.

Jessica Adams

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