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Appeal To Probability

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Appeal To Probability

Appeal To Probability is a type of logical fallacy. It means that someone uses an unlikely event to support their argument. For example, if someone says that it is likely to rain tomorrow because it rained yesterday, they are using Appeal To Probability. This is because the chance of it raining on any given day is not related to whether it rained the day before.

Appeal To Probability, Cognitive Biases, Logical Fallacies, Probability Argument.

Thomas Lee

Appeal To Probability

Appeal to probability is a cognitive bias in which a person assigns a higher probability to an event occurring simply because it would be desirable if it did. This is a form of wishful thinking, as the person in question is not taking into account the actual probability of the event occurring. In many cases, this cognitive bias is used to rationalize an irrational belief or course of action. For example, a person may be convinced that they are going to win a lottery, despite the fact that their chances of winning are astronomically low.

Logical fallacy, cognitive bias, wishful thinking, probability estimation.

Jessica Adams

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