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Argumentum Ad Verecundiam

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Argumentum Ad Verecundiam

Argumentum Ad Verecundiam is a type of cognitive bias that influences how people make decisions. It happens when you are more likely to believe something because someone you admire or respect says it. For example, if an 8 year old's favorite celebrity says that a certain type of shoes is the best, the 8 year old might automatically believe it even if they have never tried the shoes before. This is because they trust the celebrity and think that they know best.

Argumentum Ad Verecundiam, Appeal to Authority, Appeal to Respect, Credibility Bias.

Thomas Lee

Argumentum Ad Verecundiam

Argumentum Ad Verecundiam is a logical fallacy which involves the use of an appeal to authority or appeal to prestige to bolster an argument. This type of fallacy is used to lend credibility to a claim by citing another person or source as an authority. It is important to note that simply citing an authority does not necessarily make the claim true. In order for the argument to be valid, the source must be reliable and the authority should have expertise in the subject matter. Additionally, the source should be impartial and unbiased.

Argumentum Ad Verecundiam, Appeal to Authority, Appeal to Prestige, Logical Fallacy, Cognitive Biases.

Jessica Adams

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